March 4, 2013

Metal Roosters and Urinating in Parking Lots->Potty Training: Day 5 and on

Day 5- Monday, March 4:
8 am- in the bathroom taking off Claire's jammies. She's banchee hollering with huge tears rolling down her cheeks clinging to her jammies like they're her long lost "blankie" she's always loved.

Feel like a miserable mommy.

Is this cruel?

8:02 am- Claire unleashes her entire bladder happily (and "nakedly") on the potty. Mommy score.

The banchee hollering was worth it after all.

9:20 am- Put a Wal-mart bag in the bottom of her carseat in a vain attempt to save it from urine. Say a quick prayer and set out on our first "diaper free" car ride.

9:27 am- Driving 50mph down a road and I hear "bobby".... "bobby?" (Potty).

Fear grips me. I feel an adrenaline rush.

Tires squealing, I pull up into a Chicken Express parking lot and whip her out with her potty.

She is completely oblivious of the passing cars or the five foot painted metal rooster  only three feet away near a neon blinking sign.

She tee-tees.


10-11am- We managed to pull out the potty and successfully urinate in a chiropractor's parking lot and a university parking lot before heading back home.

I fear I have lost all shame and all regard for what is normal in society.

I am a driven woman (with a pink princess potty in my passenger seat).

In the past two hours I managed to announce, "Mommy has to go tee-tee on the potty!" at least three times in front of strangers.

Our trip? A success. With a dry bottom and a happy girl.

Now to the rest of the day!

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