March 20, 2013

Little Girl

Dear child of mine,
Every day you are less and less baby,
and more and more little girl.
It surprises me.
I was moving something today and you helped-
and stood back to look at our work just as I did...

I pushed into a downward dog and you tried to do the same right beside me-
little barefeet on my exercise mat.

I close the sliding glass door and you run-
eager to push with me, right by my side.

You go to drink from your water bottle -
and frantically signal that I must drink too-
at the same time, mommy and daughter must drink.

You keep your eye on me careful to not drop your water bottle
til I lower mine.

In the dark of your  nursery I sing you a song-
 "Oh how I love Jesus"
"He's got the whole world- in His hands"
as we rock.

Your eyes are still open and I quit singing and lean you back like a little baby-
You're too long but you curl into me obviously loving it-
and then you quietly begin to "shhh"-
reminding me that I "shhh" babies.

And I see this little girl,
playing along with her mommy,
that she is a baby.

And I love her so much-
My little girl.

1 comment:

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Oh so sweet! It is amazing how quickly it all changes!

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