March 26, 2013

Justin and Natalie's Wedding

We went to a wedding a few weeks ago (in our first few potty training days... eek!). We had such a blast.

Looking back at the pictures already makes me nostalgic for my little girl. She's growing so fast and she's so precious.

 We had some pre-wedding drama what with growing feet and potty runs and all. But it all worked out and we made it to the wedding just in the nick of time!
 Claire took to the dance floor to let out some steam during the cocktail hour. How adorable is this??
 Our only family picture of the entire weekend. Wrangling a sleep-deprived, potty-training toddler during a long day of wedding and travel makes for fun!
 Got it! One little smile finally caught on camera! She is in the stage where as soon as she sees the camera she wants to see the picture on the OTHER side rather than pose.
 Nice. Here she is saying, "B-aaaa-by!"Meaning, she wants to see herself on the other side of the camera.
Priceless. These days are speeding by so quick and they sure are precious.

It may not seem like it, but it was an absolutely gorgeous wedding, with a beautiful bride and groom and the most lovely almond wedding cake ever... But these were the only pics I got. Oops!

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