March 18, 2013

Bright Golden Haze- Prental Massage

Today, if I had pretty curtains I would cut them up and make a cute dress and go singing in the rolling green meadows of the Austrian Alps!

(The Sound of Music of course)

Or, I would sit in my little horse and buggy on the golden plains and sing that there's a bright golden haze on the meadow!

(Oklahoma reference)

After an awesome and productive weekend of spring cleaning and no social obligations, Claire and I took off for a lovely 2 mile walk and then....

I went for a FREE on hour prenatal massage at a nearby massage school who was looking for pregnant women.


What a great, wonderful, wish I could bottle it up kind of time!!

And to have such a great husband who would watch our "not willing to nap" toddler so I could go and get it done??? Priceless!!

Just had to share! ;)

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