February 23, 2013

Toddler Tidbits: Honey & Whistas

These days are slipping by. You're 19 months and you are such a complete joy. Here's what you're up to:

-still in size three diapers
-you love to read books, all of the time, anywhere. "Bu" or "boo". You love them.
-you randomly ask to potty or tell us you need to. You've pooped and peed (sometimes multiple times a day) on the potty.... sometimes not for a whole week, especially if daddy is away.

You started over Christmas break and now we have a stash of "potty" books that you love. We also spend A LOT of time just you sitting on the potty with us reading books... it's exhausting. But I'll take it for the victories we do have.  How you let us know? "Uh-oh", "bo-bo", "poo-poo"

-When we say, "Let's pray"- you put your little hands in ours and wait for us to finish. Sometimes poking our faces while we pray.
- "Honey" is hungry.
You started saying: wash, up, hand, "caseat"- car seat, "hu"- hug, teeth, "tee"- tree

- We go walk almost every day. Sometimes you insist we first take your stroller and baby out. I walk slowly by you as you walk them down the street. Then we load you up and go for a "real" walk.

- You've started doing "exicise" with me. It's so cute. You will put your hands on your hips or over your head and bend. You point at the video and say, "Exicise!"

We have a bedtime routine. Now that you are weaned daddy does night duty while I clean up. He brings you in after bath in your jammies and we pray and then he says, "kiss mommy" as we say night night and I love you. You kiss me, then him.

A few weeks ago you started leaning in to him and feeling his goat-ee because it would poke you and he would say, "Whiskers" several times as you kept feeling the hair.

When Jacob's mom was visiting we did the same routine. When I said, "Kiss mommy", Claire leaned over and kissed me then rubbed my chin and said, "Whistas!" then kissed her grandma and felt her chin and lovingly said, "Whistas..."

Now it's part of the routine.  So don't take offense ladies if my daughter feels your chin and lovingly whispers, "Whistas".

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Leslie said...

That's beautiful! She'll love to read these later and will be blessed to see the unconditional love of her mom and dad shining through each word.

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