February 28, 2013

Potty Training Day 1 Recap and Toddlerese

I am exhausted....
Did we really just get back from a mini-famiy vacation to a beautiful place?

White Sands, NM this past week. Claire loved it!

And ironically, Claire is equally as exhausted.

Turns out intense one on one time wears us BOTH out. She barely said a word during her bedtime routine and just passed right out.

I feel ya' sister.

I really, really do.

So here's the recap of day one.

My facebook post from earlier today really says it all:

What I learned:
Claire pretty much pees all day long as the feeling strikes her. Of course this is obvious. Dur. But to "watch" it take place... well... there's no "holding" anything in for one big potty break.

Several times she went on the potty (which is typical) and then five minutes later as she got really cozy and relaxed (IN MY LAP) she would release the flood gates.... Literally...

I think she was shocked. Like tee-teeing on the potty is a novelty act to impress us, make everyone clap etc. But I felt like today she made a tiny connection that it is actually functional.

Needless to say, we spent all day in the kitchen playing, doing puzzles, reading books etc. or in the bathroom playing because these are the areas in our home without carpet. 

So that was day one. Will we survive day two and three? I don't know. But we made it through day one!

Will this "stick"? I don't know... but it will be a learning experience none the less. For all of us!

And last, I leave you with some of Claire's latest...


"So so"- stroller
"Huppo"- hippo

And there's some other gibberish that I feel one day a light will go off in our heads and we will realize what she has been trying to say all along.

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Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Oh many prayers for you on potty training. We are on day 58 of the three day training method. Haha! I heard once they decide then it clicks and they will do it. Madeline still usually doesn't tell us she has to go but we got if we put her on the potty. Way to go starting so young!

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