February 28, 2013

Potty Training 101: Day 1

We've started potty training.

I'm not sure if we're insane or not but it has to happen eventually. I am doing the three day method where you stay at home for three days without bottoms on your child. It's great (exhausting).

We decided to start because Claire has been interested in the potty for a few months and will sit on her little potty and go and will request to go. She goes on her potty maybe once or twice a day and will also go on big toilets or public toilets.

Starting over Christmas break her interest really piqued so we figured we should strike while the iron is hot.

So strike we are!

We are camped out in areas of our home with hard surfaces.

So far today we have played puzzles in the kitchen, "tee teed" on the potty twice. "Tee teed" on mommy four times. Pooped on the potty once. And pooped on mommy zero times. Praise the Lord.

Needless to say there is laundry going and I will be mopping every day this week.

I'm exhausted simply because though this method may be effective, it has upped the ante. I have to have my eye on her every minute, watching her cues. We still sit on the potty and read her special bathroom books. 

She will request to go and go her usual amount, clap and cheer and then proceed five minutes later to unleash the flood waters while she rests in my lap...

And this is Day One of Potty Training.

1 comment:

Robin said...

It's hard, and you might feel like quitting sometimes. There may be setbacks after you think you're in the clear. But then one day, it all will just click, and things will be so much easier. You guys can do it!

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