January 25, 2013

Toddler Tidbit- "Shhh!"

Sometimes it hits me that clearly Claire is no longer a baby. And really, she is not so much a toddler. I mean, she doesn't literally toddle about anymore.

She's more of a little girl, who loves cooking, babies, her daddy and all things dog. So as these toddler days speed by me I'm starting  new label of Toddler Tidbits.

So today, is toddler tidbit number one.

Claire has always loved "baby" and all things baby. We've always thought it was adorable that she will cradle baby in her arms and walk around "shhh'ing" her.
"Belly Button!"

Sometimes when she is really tired she will "shh" herself as you are putting her in her crib.

And just lately- she's starting "shhh'ing"... well... everything!

Last  night out to dinner she gently cradled an apple for a full ten minutes and "shhh'ed" it while swaying slowly from side to side.

And now she is walking around the living room gently "shh'ing" a cradled ball.

Last night in the car Jacob and I were having a serious conversation. I was transitioning into my big point and I said emphatically, "So..."

And we heard a tiny voice from the dark backseat mimic EXACTLY with my tone and inflection, "So...."

We laughed.

And I started again, "So..."

And again... "So..." From the backseat.

I tried again and again she mimicked. Needless to say that point never got made!

 No one could have ever told me the little things that would bring me such joy. :)

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