January 2, 2013

Claire: 18 months

Well... almost at 18 months.

Doing a highlight reel of the year really shows me the need to do one just for Claire.

This has been such a year of growth for her!

She's gone from this:
January 2, 2012- just big enough to play in the exercauser.

To this:

December 27, 2012- Excited to be on vacation.

Lately Claire talks like a little jabberwocky. All day long. She'll carry on a complete conversation with you (though you will be the only one who doesn't understand).

She just started saying things and repeating.

 At 17 1/2 months she says, "Pleathe", "Ank oo" (thank you), "bush" (spoon), Cheese, "bereez" (blue berries),"ba ba" (banana), baby, bath, dadda, momma, "ba-eeth" has just recently turned into "bathee" (paci), "Da-thee" (Daisy), "da" (dogs), Go, No..., "shews" (shoes),  "wa wa" (water), "djuz" (juice a.k.a. any thing that isn't milk in her sippy cup- namely pedialyte), "Mi" ((more) arguably one of her first words), "I la loo!" (I love you), "I see oo" or "I see..." (I see you), "La la la" (vanilla), "halow!" (hello), "Ba ba" (bye), "Ai" (hot!), "lai" (light), "bu" (book), "biapuh" (daiper), and she can repeat mostly any name you ask her to like Nan, Lolo, Pa pa, Bailey, Brighton etc.

I know there are other words I'm forgetting but this list is getting ridiculous. And hopefully it's enough that we can look back and see where she was at.

She is still in size 3 diapers and has perhaps gained a few pounds. She's a lightweight and for about 5 months stayed at 18 pounds.

The other day she wanted to sit on her potty after bath and tee-teed (urinated). We were thrilled and may have scarred her by our dance and clapping.

On our vacation the other day she said, "Uh oh" and pointed at the bathroom. I asked if she wanted to poo on the potty and she nodded yes. I sat her up there and voila! We were so excited!

She can now climb on the couch, feed herself (and even scoop oatmeal off her chin if it lands there), "read" to her baby and "shhh" her to sleep.

Her favorite hobbies are pushing her baby, or puppy dog in her new baby stroller, "dancing", "singing her ABC's ("A.... C la la la la!") or sitting at her little play kitchen and "beeping" and putting things in the "oven" and "microwave".  Her greatest pleasure in life is pushing her little toy shopping cart in the backyard, terrorizing the dogs, throwing balls and going for walks. And she loves loves loves other kids. More than they love her.

We read books at nap time and bed time.

She is WAY over separation anxiety and as of Thanksgiving chooses other people over me (travesty!). Perhaps she knows I'm pregnant and she is soon to be dethroned? I don't know, but it is quite the turn of events. This was also around the time we officially weaned... Coincidence?

She has about twelve teeth.. and is sometimes tempted to use them (though she hasn't... yet...) as defense or to show anger.

She eats wonderfully and went through a small vegetable strike until we employed "Operation Broccoli" and she began to eat mostly anything again.

"Operation Broccoli" consisted of us giving her loads of veggies, no puffs or bread and being firm. Mind you, we already knew she loved all of these veggies but had decided she would rather eat puffs or basically dried cereal for every meal.

When we say it's time to pray before dinner she obediently puts her little hands out and her head down (ish). It's so sweet. We have worked REALLY hard to have her sit at the table with us at every meal and through every meal. She is really very good and does sit and eat when we eat (thank you "Bringing up Bebe"!).  She mostly does really well at restaurants too.

We have tried to only eat at meal time with a snack after nap time. This helps a lot with her actually sitting through our meals.

I have gotten a C- (if even) in the sign language category and she can sign, "more"(her first sign but she also started saying it as soon as she signed it), "All done" (which she also says, "Ah dah"), and "help". I was trying to teach her the signs for "please" and "thank you" and she just started saying them... as in on the first try. So really, we've failed royally at sign.

She travels really well, even on long trips even though her seat is still backwards. We give her minimum toys back there if even and she just looks at her self or her own hands and sings... It sounds mean when you say it that way- but we're proud of her! She only cries if she doesn't have her paci...

That's it! If you stuck around you win an award. Congratulations!


Brandon and April said...

Loving these new blog updates!!
18 months already?! So fast...so fast...(shaking head...)
Girls are so remarkable. Eden was just like this. blabbering up a storm and saying "Boof" for spoon and forming small sentences. nuts.
my boys...well...they're a bit slower! ha! The difference is so crazy. I'm fighting Caleb to even say "mama!" (other than when he screams after nap time)
So proud of your baby girl and her gab skills!

kristi said...

I miss you girl! I love hearing all that Claire is up to. Conversations are so fun at that age! Ben doesn't talk yet, but he does jump and run and play ball as if he's 7... go figure, boys will develop boy skills first and save the talking to the girls.

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Yea Claire! She is getting so big! Watch out between 18 months- 2 yrs there is insane growth in vocabulary and communication! It is unbelievable! And I am amazed at her potty skills already! Maybe she could teach Madeline...

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