January 2, 2013

2012 Highlight Reel

I just couldn't avoid it. I just had to cave and do a review post.

So here we go.

2012 highlight reel. It was such a joy to watch Claire go from a little baby who could barely sit up without plopping over to a little girl that can climb on the couch and tackle me while I'm trying to exercise. We went from a couple just trying to cope and figure out this baby thing to a comfortable family of three. It's been a good year full of learning and stretching.

This past year we:
1. Went to Hawaii for Jacob's work trip. Claire flew free and didn't eat solids yet so... pretty much the cheapest (most awesome, rockin') trip ever.

2. Got to see my sister-in-law marry her best friend! Awesome fun!

3. My niece got baptized!
4. Claire got dedicated.

5. Took Claire to the zoo for the first time. She stayed awake all day and never whined for a second. This girls loves animals and being outside!

6. Took swim lessons with two great friends.

7. Got to celebrate Claire's first birthday. We love you so much! You bring us so much joy. :)

8. Went to the lake with family.

9. Started working three different part-time jobs (freelance writing, grading for online schools and working a children's program one day a week).

10. Jacob finished his phd (congratulations! I'm so proud of you!)

Bonus: Finding out, Lord willing,  Claire is going to be a big sister this next summer!

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Ronnie said...

Congratulations on the new addition!!! Wahoo!!!

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