December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012 Mish Mash and Hidden Announcement

Mish Mash. This is a term that means all of those left over bits that you throw together when you obviously have not been planning very well.

As in, you have NOT planned a gorgeous dinner but rather will throw a mish mash of whatever isn't rotten in your fridge into a bowl and call it nutritious.

That's a mish mash.

Lately I have been horrible at taking pictures and documenting for several different reasons.  And today I've just had enough!

So here's a mish mash of what we've been up to.
First, I didn't downsize these pictures. At all. I'm sorry. I'm having technological isues.
Secondly, why in the world am I not taking pictures lately? Could it be because I've been suffering from morning sickness and only wanted to vomit and lay in a dark hole this whole time?
Why yes! Yes that is right. Ding ding ding!
So there is a reason but that's not important. Let's look back at the evidence:

Claire loving on Brighton... like.. seriously loving on him. She loves this guy.

Claire wearing an inflatable ring as she shuffles slowly around the backyard.

Claire loving the lovin' from Grandma and Papa.

Claire demonstrating her response to "smile"! Jacob says she learned this from me. I disagree but that's neither here nor there. Clearly the evidence here speaks for itself.

Claire wearing a bucket on her head.. every.. single.. day...

Our Christmas family vacation to San Antonio. This was the sunniest it got. Remember the Alamo.

Jacob feeding the pigeons in the "do not feed bird" zone of the riverwalk- which I cleverly didn't think to take one single picture of.

Claire "fishing" in the toddler section of the San Antonio zoo. It was so cold and overcast that we were quite literally the only people in this area for almost an hour. We even got to see the pigeon "animal encounter" all to ourselves. On that note... most of the animals refused to come out and Claire's hands turned blue BUT a great time was had by all (more or less).

Claire loving the prairie dogs that you can see anywhere.

Fish eating bits of things off of hippos as they slept. We thought this was a highlight. Seriously.

In the bird house (one of the many that we loved) where we refused to buy sugar water or food to attract the birds and waited until another parent attracted all of the birds. Classy family. Note the empty walk way behind us. We had the zoo to ourselves I say.

Look at this old goat! This guy was the only "farm yard" friend who came out from his hay cave to stand in the middle and "work". He had long flat ugly teeth that stuck out flat like twenty little cigarettes. We liked him.

Claire loved all of the attention she got. We walked every day, went to a nice restaurant and the children's museum, where she primarily guarded the shopping cart in the children's area and walked up and down and up and down the little ramp in the toddler zone.
After our really nice dinner we came back to our hotel where Claire promptly ate an earplug. We have since been watching her like hawks and encouraging her each time she toots.

Some little stories:

Parents of the Year
We went to see my family and stayed Christmas Eve in a hotel. That night we went to one of the only restaurants open because we were hungry and hadn't planned ahead. We ended up at a Japanese steak house which seemed fine until the chef starting swinging his spatulas and throwing them in the air. Claire immediately gripped the sides of her high chair and leaned back in fear.

Then the chef lit the grill on fire with a dramatic Woosh! And Claire lost her lid and started freaking out.


Parents of the Year- right here.

Christmas morning I went to open the blinds of our hotel room. Our room overlooked a vacant and gray parking lot of downtown Midland. Claire hadn't spoken a word but had just been clinging to me sucking her paci as she slowly woke up. The minute the blinds "Wooshed" open she pulled out her paci and loudly said in a dramatic exhale "Wow!", and then continued to breathlessly mutter "Wow" as she pointed out at the parking lot.

"I See You"
The day before we left for our travels Jacob was playing hide and seek with Claire at the breakfast table. He said, "I see you!" and as clear as day Claire started saying back, "I see you!". From then on she said it to unsuspecting cats who she cornered under a bench, to other patrons at restaurants (say across the hibachi steak grill). In the elevator when new people got on, "I see you!"

Merry Christmas Y'all.


Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Morning sickness?? congratulations! How far along are you? What a cutie! Glad to see Claire again!

Brandon and April said...

Yay! Congratulations! ! What's the due date?

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