October 3, 2012

National Night Out

Last night was the National Night Out.

This is apparently a real thing.

So we took our little toddler out to a nearby park where an event was being held, even though she has a double ear infection. I think the pictures speak for themselves...

She clearly had a wonderful time. 


Exhibit A: Fear and uncertainty. "Wha--aaatt is thiiiisss?"

 Exhibit B: Confusion. "What kind of a dog is this?!.."

 Exhibit C: Distress. "Save me from the creature mommmmmm-eeeeeeee!!!"

 Exhibit D: Doubt. "Is that really The Incredible Hulk? Why is his neck not green? If that is Spiderman why is his top bulky and his bottom half saggy?..."

 Exhibit E: Apathy. "Whatever."

 Exhibit F: "Get me off this thing!"

At least mom and dad really did have a great time!

Happy National Night Out!


Alexis said...

She is getting so long!!!

How have you been and where was this at? In Lubbock?

Also, I have been meaning to ask what church you said ya'll attended. We are looking around.


Citronnette Potiron said...

I want to go to America !!!! ;p

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