September 24, 2012

Claire Lately

Claire... Lately...

-You say "ba" when you see anything, a ball, anything circular, mamma, dadda...

- This weekend visiting your great grandma and grandpa. They always call you Clara or Gracie. I think it's sweet.

Great Grandpa: Can this sweet girl say Pa Pa?
Me: No Pa Pa. She doesn't have her "P" sounds down yet.  (To Claire) "P". "P". "P".
Claire: Pa Pa!

Me: Claire only says "ba". Ba, ba ba ba all the time and nothing else.
Grandma: Well does she want a banana?
Me: Claire, want a nanner?
Claire: Nanner!
Me: (Dumbfounded silence)....

This weekend we spent with my grandparents, your great grandparents, and you learned to call the kitty. You bend over with your arms behind your back and clomp behind "Kit" saying, "Ge! Ge! Ge! Geee!" rather than "here kitty kitty kitty!" (and you act very scared and unsure when the cat lets you get close enough to touch it and when you squeal it finally takes off).

You quit saying "Ba" every ten seconds and starting to say "Da" for dog. Every bark, every move, every animal you see anywhere. You said "Da" maybe 200 times yesterday alone.

You started carrying around a stuffed bear and my mom said, "Bear Claire!" and you said, "Bur!".

You love to run away from us giggling uproariously every night after your bath until we catch you and dry you off.

Lately you've started laying on your tummy during bath time and blowing bubbles in the water.

You love to climb up in chairs on your own now and try to rock.
Trying to rock with Nenie.

And today you  yanked your little friend's hair and and I caught you just as you were about to clamp down on his finger. You're growing up!

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The Teacher said...

I say this everytime I read a description about Claire, but it is so true that she has so much personality. I love everything about her, but then again she has yet to pull my hair. Which is what all babies do when we first meet anyways, so no big deal.

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