July 17, 2012

First Birthday Bash (es)!

It's been one year...

One, speeding fast, life-changing, joy-bringing, unforgettable year.

I've spent the last week waxing poetic thinking about last year's drought and my swollen feet (and ice cream confessions) and belly.

And then, this last weekend, I thought back to being in labor as the rains finally wet our dry cracked land here.

We reminisced about labor and our first night with our little swollen baby who had such a hard journey into this world.
We were tired, over-joyed and overwhelmed...

And we thought back to the hard first few months and then to the ever increasing joy, giggles and hugs.

And how amazing it is that we have made it here today.

Oh Claire- you have brought so much richness into our lives...  We love you!

Anniversary of due date:

We visited the local university campus and when I saw this sculpture I thought it was too meaningful to pass up! I just kept thinking of how desperately I was hoping to hatch my little chicken at this point last year...

Actual birthday- we bought Claire some books and she and daddy had special reading time and she promptly tore off not just one but two of the flaps to her very new and thusly priced book...

Party Number One:
This was a small and intimate affair with family. Claire smashed into her first cake and ate it passionately and without wasting a lick of icing. Literally!

Party Number Two:
The party girl was surrounded by other tiny little tots running in and out with sidewalk chalk, jenga, balls and cake. It was mass chaos and so much fun! Claire mainly played in her own world, got into peoples' bags and ate other children's snacks and yet again, devoured cupcakes.

My sweet and talented friend Amanda took pictures so I'm actually in some! Thank so much Amanda!


Brandon and April said...

I think she's absolutely perfect and gorgeous! Happy Birthday Claire!!

Alexis said...

Tell me she is not a year! She is absolutely gorgeous! It is so crazy how such a little being can test your limits in so many different ways and the amount of love you can hold in your heart!!! Motherhood amazing me everyday.

Congrat on your first year as a mommy!

The Reeds said...

Thanks Alexis & April! It is so unbelievable and has been the most fun EVER! I hate that it does pass so quickly!

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