July 30, 2012

Family Pow Wow 2012

Summers are for family reunions, tent, fireflies and iced lemonade.

This weekend we loaded up the family and headed south to see family. This was Jacob's first time at a family reunion and he was a champ- trying to learn new names and faces.
Meeting little cousins right and left.
Cousin Catie was Claire's BFF.

Claire, did equally well. Missing naps, having a crazy schedule and still being social.
A cousin who's one month younger. A slew of young ones.
Little Cooper didn't like his mommy giving other babies her attention.
Who needs the lake when there's clean water up here?
Another little cousin a month older (and walking like a champ).
Remembering Grandma.

Claire almost didn't come home with us. Here she is with her new BFF.
 Also, we stayed at a hotel since we booked too late to get a cabin. Money has been tight for us since I've become a stay at home Manager (a.k.a stay at home mom) so the hotel was a splurge. Well, lo and behold our little pumpkin got locked in the bathroom. The front desk's response? "That room again?!"

So we had requested a crib a week out and they knew we go the one room in the hotel whose bathroom door locks itself. Great.

Some fast thinking by Jacob and a pin got our little girl out, perturbed and scared, but fine.

The silver lining is that we were not 100% satisfied- obviously- and our charges were waived. Woo-hoo!
We have a new appreciation for road side parks.

It seems like having children and growing older make you want to stay more connected.

Happy end of July everyone!

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