July 10, 2012

Claire is Walking- Oh Pooh!

Yesterday was a big day in that Claire took her first steps. And since then she can be seen letting go of things, plunging ahead and crashing head first into the carpet.

I believe she takes after me in these characteristics.

I was on cloud nine that Jacob happened to be home when she did this. It was really special.

God knew I needed special after the day I had experienced.

Earlier she was playing in front of me, no more than two feet away- when I look up and saw that she was eating.

Hmm. Curious.... paper perhaps? I jumped up to get whatever it was out of her mouth and saw more in her hand.

Avocado chunks?

We did eat that for lunch and dinner but... .then I saw the little piles of "prunes" all over the carpet..

Oh dear... cold sweat and dread were breaking out from my core.

She was smiling at me by this time and humming, rocking back and forth and even swinging her cute little arms.

I assumed she had somehow quietly thrown up in front of me and was eating it... happily..

My poor baby!

I picked her up and to my horror that's when I realized the culprit wasn't throw up, but rather a too small cloth diaper and a horrendous "blow out"...

Yes.... Our baby ate vegetables from her own diaper.

I can only be proud that she walked and will eat her veggies- all in one day!

Definitely one for the books.

Definitely a special day...


Jen Price said...

That is hilarious and gross all at the same time!

Brandon and April said...

hooray for Claire!!
I remember the first and last day that Eden slept in her diaper alone. She'd never played so happily after a nap and when I heard her in her room playing so well I left her for awhile to go accomplish a few more things. bad idea. When I finally went in to get her out I'd discovered she was using her new found friend in her diaper that she'd undone and was painting it all over her crib.
Fun times!!

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