July 8, 2012

Anniversary Numero Seis

It has been six summers since we first said I do.

Somehow that's hard to believe. A lot has happened in those six years!

We've moved to Africa, moved back and had a baby. Yep, that about sums it up.

I want to remember how we celebrated this year.

Today, we actually PAID a babysitter (it's a first!) and went to a wedding where we snapped these fun photobooth pictures. We're clearly super sophisticated.


Yesterday, my mom watched Claire and we went out for a fancy-to-us dinner where we splurged and didn't talk baby once. Almost.

Then we went... bowling! On our way Jacob stopped to talk some rowdy neighbors into turning down their music, in which he had a discussion with a man called Cheeto about people with guns.

True story.

Then, when we arrived at the bowling alley we met two very drunk, slumped over men. We were about to leave since it seemed over priced (it included laser tag, miniature golf, etc.) when apparently, our drab attire, very undrunk demeanor and general lameness drove these men into a near panic.

They began dramatically lamenting that we couldn't JUST leave! We HAD to bowl! It meant the world to them if we had a good time! They were from Las Vegas (insert lots of hand motions indicating dice, gambling and big money flying all over the place). They kept slurring that they seriously wouldn't let us leave unless we let them pay for us to bowl and have a good time because we looked like "decent people" and we deserved to "have a good time".

Translation: we looked pretty boring and sad.

We honestly thought we were on camera. Like, seriously. We were nervously giggling and smiling from ear to ear because really, the hand motions for money flying over the place were hysterical.

It was all the more unbelievable because drunk man A was an angry/ weepy drunk, if that's even possible which I would argue it indeed is.


Man A: Please bowl! I will pay. I. Will. Pay. (Yanking out wallet clumsily and angrily). You have to bowl... You look like good people.... (getting weepy/angry). Why won't you bowl?!

Then there was man B.

Man B: Ecstatically spinning in a circle making hand motions for flying money.
Vegas baby!
Vegaaaaassss!!! (Huge smile and wide eyes- some may argue alcohol wasn't his issue).

You have to have a good time! Have to!!!!! This place is  so awesome!! (Doing Vana White motions to the sign). You have to!!! (Half whining and begging, hopping up and down).

All the while the hostess in the background was mouthing: "D-R-U-N-K!"

Ya think?!


We took their money and bowled and they got kicked out immediately after we walked away.

The end!


Kristi Van Der Merwe said...

aww! Happy Anniversary you two! I am just catching up on blogs and love reading yours! We've been married 6 years now too...doesn't it go by so quickly?!

Brandon and April said...

ummmmm AWESOME!!!! Getting someone else to pay for YOUR anniversary date totally scores big in my book. In fact, maybe brandon and I have a new goal for anniversary numero 8!
Happy Anniversary!!

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