June 23, 2012

Memory Jar #1

As of late I've loved this new social networking/sharing site called Pinterest. I take it as a great place to be motivated and get fun ideas.

I saw this idea today about writing down good memories as they occur and putting them in a jar. At the end of the year you open up the jar and read back your good memories.

I thought this was a special idea! I almost went and got out a jar but then stopped...

I mean, I have a digital jar right here in the form of this wonderful blog!

So hence my new label: Memory jar.

Memory jar entry #1 6.23.12

Today we spent the morning with our friends Chris, Amanda and B and floated the lazy river, shot out  water slides and ate tacos together. Claire crawled all around near the water spouts and giggled and smiled up a storm in her little blue tu-tu swimsuit.

Tonight with my mom, "Nan",  we each took turns holding Claire's baby doll and saying, "Mwah!" and giving the dolls hugs and patting her. Claire then took the doll and kissed her and patted her gently.

Then out of the blue she just stood up from the floor holding a ball in her hand!

Ah this sweet girl!

1 comment:

Djibouti Jones said...

I actually do this to keep track of how God is at work in my kids' lives. They each have a jar and I randomly drop notes or trinkets into them that remind of me of what I call "evidences of grace."

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