June 13, 2012

11 month old baby growth

My Claire girl,
It's been 11 months! You are almost a year old and it simply blows our minds.

Just yesterday you were crawling around the living room while I read and then you pulled up at the piano and I heard you beating on a drum behind me. Then I heard little wheels moving and you giggling. I turned and you had your push toy walking all around the living room by yourself! You've always done this unassisted and just the day before were grunting and pushing daddy's hand away.

Now we know why! You were ready to be on your own!

Since then you have quite literally walked every square inch of this house pushing that little toy, stopping to touch the dishwasher, refrigerator and dryer respectively.

Oh little girl- you are such a joy!
On our way to swim lessons this morning.

Claire, at 11 months you are:

- eating almost anything we will give you. You have only made sour faces at eggs and green beans but we persevered and you love them too.

- you eat: eggs, fish, beans, leeks, rice, oatmeal, chicken, turkey, pork, avocado (like it's going out of style), bananas, nectarines, strawberries (your ALL time favorite food), graham crackers, puffs (in limited quantities) and so many more foods I couldn't even name them.

- you are loving swim lessons (mostly...), today you went under water six times! It still scares me a lot and I think you a little too- but you love to splash and kick and get excited when we show up at the pool.

-you love to "get got" by daddy and will shake your head and giggle hysterically while trying to get away

-you've started trying to climb- on the hearth, in the dishwasher... I have to keep my eye on you!

- you still cry in the nursery... every... single... week.

We love you Claire Grace!

Past growth pics: Ten Month post

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Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

She cries because she has so much fun with her Momma she doesn't want you to leave. That means she loves you a lot and you are a great mom! Oh, wait til she discovers she can walk on her own without her toy! Lookout world! This is when the fun really begins! With every change, I love Madeline's age more and more! It keeps getting better and better!

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