May 13, 2012

Ten Month Growth, a Dedication and First Mother's Day

Today Claire is ten months old.
 And today was my first official mother's day.

I was so blessed to not only spend it with my sweet girl but also with my mom and mother-in-love (and family!).
The day was made even more special because Claire was dedicated at church today! A dedication is a special service where we pray over our baby and we dedicate to bring her up teaching her godly ways and biblical principals.
 Happy Mother's Day to two wonderful women!!
 It was such a special day!


Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

What a special day! The baby dedication is such a special time. How great to share it with both your parents! I hope you had a wonderful first Mother's day. And you look great. by the way. I need your weight loss secrets!

The Reeds said...

It was just a very forgiving angle. But thanks!!

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