May 1, 2012


Today we went on a playdate.
 The Science Spectrum is a great place for kids.
 C and baby A were having fun "talking" to each other and "sharing" these balls.
 Baby A is so sweet and laid back! He's the perfect yin to C's yang.
 They have an entire area just for crawlers. Unfortunately we're not crawling- but she had so much fun!

 She especially loved this friendly little girl. They giggled with each other, waved and said, "hi".

 It's so much fun watching her explore and discover the world.

 And she even pushed this Wheely Bug all by herself! (before crashing...) Aren't Wheely Bugs cute? (The answer is yes.)
 Here we are at the Veterinary station.

It was so much fun just watching C experience and learn about the world around her!


Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Yea Claire! play dates are so much fun! She looks like so LOVED it!

The Reeds said...

It is so much fun Jennifer! I love it!

Jordan said...

Oh, how many hours of m life were spent in the Science Spectrum? Looks like the new kids area is finally done! I LOVE going to museums with kids...especially going to the same one over and over and seeing what new things they discover each time. Amazing!

The Reeds said...

This was our first time and I wasn't disappointed (though the night of sleep to follow was terrifying...)

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