May 5, 2012


We are going on our first family camping trip!

Hope we didn't forget anything...

Once I got robbed while camping. I love to camp but kind of hold a grudge against the entire experience. Someone actually came into my tent while I was sleeping and took my purse that I had been sleeping on...

I woke up to an unzipped tent flap and came out in the early light of dawn to see that my friends' tent was unzipped too and they were still asleep.

Worse yet- we were there supervising a student camping trip (Duke of Edinburgh Award) in Cesky Raj and one of our student's tents had fallen in on her (she had it locked and was sleeping peacefully inside).

We were sooo thankful that she hadn't put it up well because these thieves had robbed about 15 tents at this campground on that night alone and had used a razor/knife to slice into many of the big family tents and then managed to find valuables or car keys and then cleared out their cars.

Crazy right?!

The craziest part is when we went to the police station they said it was the norm there.

Thanks for telling us guys!

Here's to an uneventful and fun camping experience with little Miss C!

Hope you all have a great weekend- Happy May!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

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