May 7, 2012

Baby's First Camping Trip- RoadWarriors

On Friday we loaded up and headed to a nearby state park neither of us had ever been to.

The scenery was lovely.

We set this little guy on the other side of the road. He was a sure goner without some intervention!

We stayed with wonderful family friends who are more like family and C had a ball with them!

Our friends live on a quiet farm and Claire napped like a dream... Oh to have such quiet at home!

We love Sandy and Sharon and Claire agrees!
Our friends live in a lovely part of the state that makes you just want to sit outside for hours and listen to the birds.

And check out their asparagus in their garden. I'd never seen it growing before.

Then off we went...

 Through back country (we may or may not have gotten lost on little back roads).

Through sad little towns with empty store fronts and chipping paint...

Across state lines...

I can't wait to share our camping pics tomorrow!

Happy seite de mayo!

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