May 8, 2012

Baby's First Camping: Electric Hot!

4 adults...
1 Longhorn cattle drive...
6 kids under the age of 6...
104 degree weather in early May...

And what do you get?

Claire's first weekend of camping!

We stopped off in a small historical museum on our way to the State park.
 I ran in and did the speed tour while J took his turn watching the sleeping baby.

We were hydrating like crazy and our little baby was all rosy. I thought we had already let her get burnt!

Later we realized how hot it was and why she was so flushed!

No worries! It's not a burn it's "just overheating"!
 It was 104 degrees when we were there all afternoon and it was 86 degrees at midnight that night in the tent.. ugh!

Nothing a little spray water bottle couldn't remedy!

Our friends and all of their kiddos (they had five kids with them under the age of 6!) made it just in time to see the "cows come home". The park has a longhorn 'drive' where the cows come up to be fed.

Our very inspiring and very lovable friends the Browns are camping experts! They've inspired me to hit up REI garage sales and rake in the cheap goods.
Sweet Trenton Josiah.
 Surprisingly with that heat, the kids and adults- had a great time!
El Tento.
 That's what great company will do for you- make a not-so-ideal-situation seem great.
Three adorable little girls who loved the hammock!

 And this little girl who loved the tent and the entire experience. She loves to be outside!
 There was some good time in the word and camp coffee.. Mmm!
 Our little pumpkin confiscated someone's camp chair and fell right into sync with the camping experience.

We loved praying, talking and vision casting with our dear sweet friends.

Camping is great because there is no media and there are no distractions. All there is to do is to interact with one another... which is what makes it so great!

Baby's first camping trip? A success!

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Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Wow! 104 degrees?!! You guys are amazing! I would not have survived!

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