April 11, 2012



It's been a dream in our house for nine months now (longer actually- as pregnancy robbed me/us of it as well).

After months and months of sleepless nights- our house was actually dark and quiet the entire night.

Let me repeat that: The. Entire. Night. 

Did I just get an Amen out there? Or a glory hallelujah?!


We put down our little Pumpkin at 9 pm after some friends left (after a great visit!), and she didn't wake up until 7 am. Scratch that: 7:10 a.m. Wow. Simply wow! That's ten hours. Ten glorious, restorative hours.

I pause now for a moment of silence.



I want to note this moment as it may only be a flash in the pan and a passing fad.

But I can look back and see that indeed- it DID happen.

Glory hallelujah it happened!!

In other very riveting news:

We've recently discovered the joys of using skype and video chatting with Claire's grandparents. Each of our parent's live several hours away- so any connection is a good one.  Yesterday we were video chatting with Grandma and Claire was proudly standing at the fireplace in the background playing independently for a good twenty minutes. I got the great idea to take off her cute cloth diaper to a.) let her bottom air out, and b.) show her grandma her cute tiny tush.  We oohed and aahed and Claire smiled and played and then... it happened.

You know what.

A naked little body and you know what had to take place.

The bricks she was leaning on got dark and she was standing in a little puddle. And she was smiling with her two shiny little teeth and her dimple.

Yep.  We're keepin' it classy over here.

Peeing on the carpets and sleeping through the night,
Fancy Pants


Alexis said...

Yay for Claire. We didn't get consistent nights of sleep until 14 months. I say that not to discourage but give you hope that it will happen.

Glad to know I am not the only non cry it out momma alive ; ) Although I have had my nights where I wanted to leave him ; )

Fingers crossed for another 10 hours tonight!

The Kowals said...

Who knew that getting poked in the face with a stick would do the trick! Just kidding. But, joking aside WaHooOoOOOO Clair! B must of had way too good of a time because he woke up an hour earlier than normal, maybe he graciously gave it to little miss. So happy for sleep-filled nights at the Reed casa :)

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

awesome! I am so happy for you! The question is did YOU sleep through the night or wake up at 7am in a panic wondering what had happened to your baby?

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