April 17, 2012

Round Here- Nine Months Growth and Changes

Perfection. If you wait on it you'll be waitin' forever! So I'm just posting anyway.

We've been sick around these parts. Ear infections galore, fussy nights and long cuddles (the likes of which I don't mind one single bit).

C turned nine months old and has been one sick little girl.

Here's what we've been doing:

1.) Learning how to pull out each and every kleenex with a glorious flourish and flick of the wrist.

2.) Swinging with Grandma

3.) Today while C's Grandma and I watched she all but crawled! She'd been rolling and pivoting and scooting places- even so much as lifting up on her arms and toes like a bear- but today she got knees under her and scooted forward...

4.) A near obsession with this otherwise ignored little car that I'm sure is meant for an older child. But she literally will not let go of it. It's like me and a donut I tell you.
Holding on for dear life.

5.) Rain. Glorious God sent rain. Thank you Lord!
Green seems lovelier than I remembered it to be.

6.) Downton Abbey... There's a reason why it is so popular and I only wish I had figured it out sooner!
7.) Taking Nine Month Pics is proving harder and harder (the ear infection was no help).
Unimpressed with this whole ordeal.

The onesie says, "happy to be me"- not right now apparently.

We may officially be past the laying down growth pics...

A grassy snack while we consider our options...

8.) A visit from Grandma and Papa.
At the doctor's office now that you have officially decided you HATE it there.

Playing with Papa and Grandma- not spoiled at all. ;)

Dear precious baby of mine, at nine months you are: sitting up and pivoting all around, getting your two upper eye teeth coming in at the same time (and no other teeth on top), you say "dada" and "mama" when you want and you sometimes sound like you're saying "hi" and "baba" when leaving. You wave. At random times to random people. You always always smile and react when you see other babies. You are basically crawling now! You have now officially been sick as of last month and we have been on the ear infection train since then. You love to stand up and jump and walk (with help of course). As of today you are basically crawling- our lives are changing before our eyes. You love to read your books and will put your arms up when someone says "arms up" (for the most part) and you will clap when you hear "clap", "yeah" or "patty cake".
"Arms up".
 Sometimes you copy me when I roar like a lion, quack like a duck, hiss like a snake, and trumpet like an elephant. But only when you choose and rarely all together or in front of other people.  You have taken a sudden disinterest in solid foods (ear pain perhaps?) but are a hearty nurser. You have also started fake laughing when you hear us laugh or people on tv laugh and fake cough when you hear us cough or want attention. You get excited when we open the door, when the dogs run, or when daddy comes home. And sometimes, when you tee tee when I take off your diaper you smile deviously at me and sometimes laugh when you toot. You are my child after all.

You are:
28 1/2 inches
16.5 lbs

I love you so much and you are a wonderful joy.




Love so much,

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Jen Price said...

Poor baby! Hope she is feeling much better! Getting teeth is hard work.

We love Downtown Abbey, too!

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