March 28, 2012

Vroom Vroom- cruising the dunes

Only there are no dunes here... Just our neighborhood.

And we're not so much "cruising" as we are walking slowly with a wonky wheeled jogging stroller.

This week we just have been beside ourselves with glee at the good weather. I mean seriously, thank you Jesus!

To celebrate we've been getting out (and staying out) more than usual. Sitting outside in the mornings and afternoons and especially staying out in the evenings when J gets home.

We met daddy for lunch at a steak house and our little girl got loads of attention from grandparent-ish folks and young women alike.

The Cactus theater downtown.

Riding around the "hood" in our wonky stroller that I tried (most unscuccessfully) to goop back to good health.

Good parents take their babies cruising though gas station "food" aisles around bedtime.  Trust me, I'm a doctor.

These edible masterpieces are locally made... Yum (yuck). Sadly I'm not a fan, but my grandpa is.

We were desperate for milk and not willing to drive to a supermarket.

"Hang on guys! Gas prices are out of control!"

And to top off our 'good parenting' adventure, we ventured in to a neighborhood dive that we thought sold food staples. Instead we realized it mainly sells liquor.  Parents of the year I tell you.


Steve and Pam said...

Now you gone and done it! Posted a pick of a TEXAS SHAPED Goodarts candy! I DO like those and my sweet mom LOVES them! It's really a Texas thang, isn't it!? Your little Claire is just a happy little gal! We are anxious to meet her! Thanks for the entertainment, smiles and insights! Love to you all, Pam

Steve and Pam said...

The only excuse for my poor English, Georgia, is living over here for almost 4 years! :/

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