March 25, 2012

Spring Lately

Here's what we've been doing a lot of lately....
She would kiss him if she could!

Paparazzi! Who needs toys when you have baby wipes containers?

I marked the diaper pail in the guest bathroom so there won't be any unfortunate confusion. ;)

We lowered her bed. I think we have a climber on our hands.

Again with the cheapest toy ever...

Hanging up a swing and ready for days outside before it's too hot!

Deep thoughts...

1. Claire got sick for the first time followed closely behind by me. Daddy is threatening to follow suit. Time will tell.

2. It's seems to have skipped spring and sprung to summer. It's hot but gorgeous so lots of time outside!

3. Claire is leaning, pulling on things and starting to mobilize! She is also trying to "clap" now when we say "Yea!". The other morning she clapped when I came into get her.

This time of year is so wonderful. I can't wait to grill!

I'm needing new grill recipes.... Any ideas?

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