March 30, 2012

SHnibbins Review: Healthy Puppy Grub

My friend just randomly and kindly handed me a bag of goodies for our pooches from SHnibbins, which is a new healthy pet snack company.

I won't lie to you, since baby C has come along our little fur babies have taken a major backseat over here. We still love them of course but they are way less baby and more fur now.  So a little treat for them was perfect timing- especially since I had just given them baths/haircuts this week which they perceive as a special type of torture and punishment.

Here's the grub...

The minute I walked out the door with these baggies tails started wagging ferociously. They know when good things are coming in the form of treats!
 The flavors were:
-Salmon Flavor and a Whiff of Ginger
-Liver Flavor and a Whiff of Mint
-Chicken Flavor and a Whiff of Parsley.

These bits were soft and looked and smelled so fresh... like cookie dough!

The verdict? Our fur babies loved them! If they were human food the cool descriptions would have tempted me to eat these soft little tidbits!

My dogs are somewhat treat experts and they gave these soft chewy treats two paws up. 

I think chicken was their favorite but really they scarfed them all down quickly!
Fuzz is on the lookout for more...

Daisy said, "More please?!"

Yes little fur baby, more for you!

Thanks for the gift SHnibbins!

1 comment:

The Kowals said...

Get SHnibbified!! Hahah You are too sweet Georgia. They will be so excited to hear about your lovely review. It was a fun surprise for me to discover that Shnibbins made the Reed blog :)

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