March 29, 2012

Perfect Spring Evenings and A Shopping Cart Adventure

 Today was a big day in our house! Claire rode in a shopping cart for the first time.  It took her some time to figure out how she felt about it... But by the time we hit the dairy section she was twisting and turning and grabbing all sorts of things out of the cart.

Other things around here...
 Washing cloth diapers...
 Getting hugs from little friends.
And dinner with friends!
 Evenings like these are made for sitting outside and taking pictures.
 Sweet little baby b sitting so quietly!
 What a pretty door stoop our friends have... Maybe I should get my act together and do something in our garden also.

Telling secrets perhaps?

Making forts- every child's dream!

A perfect spring evening!


The Kowals said...

You're so sweet for getting a pic of us walking. Will you send me some or better yet next time we're together I'll try to bring a jump drive. I loved them all but especially them whispering secrets :)

christy said...

this is gorgeous! i love it. i love you guys! man, i miss you.

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