March 15, 2012

First Fever

Babies get more sick at night. People get more sick at night, just ask a friend who works in the emergency room or medicine.

Our baby got sick for the first time and it's no fun.

Our day was spent cuddling and coaxing her to eat. She has turned in to a real daddy's girl as of late. She loves her "dada" and always turns to look for him when she hears "da da" or the garage door open.

I recently said that when my baby lays her head on my shoulder I feel like I've won the lottery.

And it's true. So so very true...

Get better soon precious one~


Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

oh no! It is NO fun having a sick baby! Poor little girl! Praying she gets better soon!

My Family! said...

:( sorry to hear this! praying she gets better!

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