March 13, 2012

Eight Months Growth

Dear baby,
Has it really been eight months since that very long day in the hospital? I look at these pictures and it's hard to believe you and that tiny little baby are one and the same.

Just this past weekend you have started to lean forward from a seated position on to one arm and then you try to straighten your legs out (into a standing position). This normally leads to a fall. You rock, and roll (literally) until you can manouever yourself to wherever your goal lies. Just yesterday you've started making a sound like an espresso machine that you've added to the "wookie" sound you make when you are really tired at night (like a big hairy Star Wars character).

The other day you were fussing and crying while I sat with you in your darkened nursery for naptime. I had put the edge of your paci in my mouth while I got comfortable- you looked up at me in the dark and saw the paci and instantly giggled- grabbed the paci- put it in your mouth- and proceeded to cry.

You are 28 inches long and just under 15 pounds.

You are eating: prunes, peas, green beans, pears, sweet potatoes, squash, apple juice, rice cereal and of course nursing... a lot.

You were sleeping well- and all of the sudden you started waking up every two hours and not napping well! Argh! Growth spurt perhaps?

You are so much fun.. you giggle, you laugh and you talk all of the time.

Remember how small you were last month during your Seven Month Growth Pic?
Two weeks and Eight months- Watch the giraffe shrink!

You're getting harder to capture!

It's so much fun to watch you grow!
8 months and growing!

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