March 1, 2012

Citrus and ICU

This is a story of a little girl..
The amazing love of citrus begins...
 Who ate her first lemon in an ICU waiting chair

Her Nan felt citrus is something you just have to share.

But this little girl didn't flinch or falter-

Rather she grabbed that lemon and shoved it in even farther.

The end.
The hospital where my brother was in ICU.

The ever packed trunk in our month of non stop movement.

The dusty sad south plains where ne'er a drop of rain does fall.


Alexis said...

Did I miss something about your brother? I feel like I keep a pretty close tab on your blog and don't ;) recall seeing anything.

Is he alright?

The Reeds said...

Eek Alexis!! I'm failure!! I never responded to this. My brother has a recurring condition.. :( It's sad but he is still alright now despite being in different ICU's since then. Thanks for asking!!

Ever failing,
Georgia ;)

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