March 4, 2012

Bessie Ann & John's Wedding

Jacob's sister, my sister-in-love, married her best friend two weeks ago. It was a small intimate ceremony and it was so beautiful! I was nervous that Claire would start "vocalizing" during the ceremony, as she is prone to do, but thankfully she was quiet the entire time! Whew!

The happy couple took off to Europe for a two week honeymoon. I cannot wait to hear their stories!

They had a great photographer and I am so excited to see the real pictures! I of course had my camera with me trying to keep up with my 365 project and was excited to snap some pics along the way.

Here we are preparing, at the wedding and after as we took them to the airport.

Congratulations Bessie Ann and John!

The happy couple at the rehearsal dinner.

1 comment:

Bessie Ann said...

Georgia!! I just love all of these pictures!! You could be professional at this. This was so much fun!!

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