February 11, 2012

Aloha and Mahalo! Hawaii Big Island Adventure Day 1 Photo Essay

Aloha and Greetings from blustery cold mainland Texas!

This past week we were extremely blessed to go with J to a conference in Hawaii. Baby flies free, husband's trip is covered so why not let me tag along?

We learned several things on this trip:

1. Claire is a great traveler and very very social.

We sort of already knew this but it is official now. Claire would make eye contact with people or "lock on" to someone and keep smiling at them, yelping and squealing until they looked AND smiled and then she would flap her arms, jump around and smile. She was infectious. Only one woman looked at her and didn't smile back. Heart of stone in that one I tell ya. I think she may have have been a heartless droid of some sort.

2. Pay for an extra piece of luggage and fill it with snacks. Resort food is pricey. You'll make back what you had to pay for the luggage easily and then can fill it with all of the seashells and ukeleles you are sure to buy.

3. Take an umbrella stroller. Our stroller weighed more than the 20 pound limit. Not ever having had a baby, travelling with one was quite the new experience. So when we learned that you can take your stroller up to the door of the plane and they will stow it away for you we considered it then rejected the idea since ours was two pounds over. Besides, we have carriers and they seemed just as easy.

A knowing friend insisted and brought over her umbrella stroller at 11pm the night before we left when I finally caved.


She was brilliant. Take the stroller. Claire loved it in the airports, we hung our bags on it, and best yet- we used it non stop at the resort and would drape a nursing cover over it and park it under some waterfalls (caves in the swimming pool area= natural sound machine) and let her nap while we read when she would not in a million years nap on us.

4. When on the island, rent a car. What you get out of it outweighs the cost. This is not only true in great experiences but also since resort food is ridiculously expensive. I took oatmeal packets to eat and we shopped at a little market for sandwich stuff for one meal a day as well. But that other meal (think fourteen dollar sandwiches) really broke the bank. With the rental car we ventured out to some local dives for some good eats (the best actually) and saw breathtaking scenery.

Now for some pictures.

Kona sunrise- 6am. Claire did not understand that we could indeed sleep past 4 am. Eventually we consented and we went for a dark walk to see the Pacific for the first time, and watch the sun rise. Here Jacob gives her her very first geology lesson on lava and coral.

Claire is entranced with the coral of the sea.

The entire family at our early morning visit to the shore.

Daddy-daughter talk about the beauty of God's creation.

Claire's first time in the ocean. She loved it, just like mama!

Claire and mom slathered in sunblock spf 80.

The view from our balcony. Naptime meant mommy had lots of balcony reading time while daddy attended meetings.

Bible study, coffee, quiet alone time and a beautiful view... that is paradise.

Back to the sea! Claire loved all of the new things to see! She could really do this sort of thing every day.

"Caves" in the pools. These waterfalls and caves were perfect, cool, loud (natural sound machine) and out of the sun. We parked Claire and read while she napped.

Back to reading! James Dobson's "The New Strong willed Child", and trying to memorize the book of James- again- paradise.

There were dolphins there for a "dolphin experience" where you could pay to swim with them. We just watched and loved it. They also had a little baby dolphin.

More caves and the ever-used umbrella stroller. Claire was a little worn out by this point.
 Wiped Out! After a long journey (three flights), a sleepless night and getting up at 4am- naps in a cave couldn't give this baby enough rest. We were supposed to go to  Luau that night but her afternoon nap turned into this... our usual light sleeper didn't wake up when we moved her, watched t.v. and tried to wake her. We were both showered and dressed up and ended up eating in bed while watching HGTV and reading.


Anonymous said...

I missed your blog updates. I thought something was wrong. Glad to know you were just in Hawaii. Looks like so much fun!

Stacy M

The Reeds said...

Thanks Stacy. It was so good to get away. And it was even better to get to see Claire's awe and wonder at everything we saw. It's a lot more work with a baby but also a lot better!

Mike and Emily said...

I LOVE these pictures. She is just a doll. ANd, yep that lady was a droid because I smile just looking at those pictures. So glad you got some great rest time. If you're looking for another book, try Grace Based Parenting. It is my NUMBER ONE book now! So good and a great compliment to the Dobson books. Love you!

Brandon and April said...

Her smile is so infectious!! You're right...droid for sure!
The pictures are gorgeous. The palm trees and that blue sky, oh my!!
Looks like you all had a fabulous time!

The Reeds said...

Emily thanks so much! I will definitely look into that book. It sounds like a winner!

and April we DID have a great time. It made me miss Africa!

The Miersma Family! said...

WHat a delightful time! So happy for you and CLaire that you got to join in! When Jacob called Nick the other day, he thought he was kidding about being in Hawaii! Ha!

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

First of all I am jealous you went to Hawaii! Looks like so much fun!
Second I am mad that you didn't tell me you were flying through LA. Did you stop? We could've visited you at the airport!!

The Reeds said...

Jennifer Mik., I wish! We barely even had a layover (we almost missed the flight and they held the plane while we ran between the two (it was a big group, not just us), and on the return our layover was less than two hours at... 4 am! Ugh! If we had longer I would have let you know. I want to see your sweet girl sometime!

And Jennifer Mie. That is so funny! We were very much in hawaii and very much a happy little bunch!

Bekah Schaub said...

Claire's a giant! Well... not quite, but oh my goodness. Looks like an awesome vacation! (You guys look good to!:)

The Reeds said...

She's a gentle giant Bekah!! It was so much fun. I wish we were still there. ;)

Alexis said...

Seriously, Hawaii??? That is awesome! You have one awesome babe to handle an 8 hour plane ride.

What precious, precious memories. The pictures are amazing and I personally love that ya'll cancelled plans because she was exhausted! :)

The Reeds said...

She has been a real trooper as we've dragged her all over these past two months. It was so worth it to get to watch her light up and love seeing all of the new places and things. I wish we could afford to go back and do more! (and take my mom with us to babysit- if only!) ;)

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