February 22, 2012

Aloha and Mahalo Hawaii: All the other days!

Well, if you've hung around me for any amount of time you know that I'm fast out of the blocks and then I sputter. So my grand plan of posting about each day in Hawaii has fallen through the cracks, especially as Lent approaches and it seems less and less important.

Also, in the meantime, my lovely sister in "love" has gotten married and my brother wound up in the hospital- so there has been a lot to occupy our time.

So with out futher ado- here are ALL of the last days in Hawaii smashed into one so it will just get done and we can all focus on things that matter... like seeking the Lord and edifying one another!

Here was our first day: Aloha and Mahalo from Hawaii: Our Hawaii Adventure Day One.

Sea turtles..

Humpback whales (which I was sad not to get to go on the official whaling tour since it was too expensive and I loooove marine animals.. or all animals actually), so the next morning I got up and took Claire to the sea while Jacob was in meetings. And lo' and behold I saw more than TWENTY whales and relatively close to the shore! They were spewing water from their blowholes and even breaching the water and hitting the water with their flipper (okay, only one did this but she did it over and over again). I was in "animal heaven". These pictures do not do justice to this experience. When Jacob got out of his meeting he came and sat with us and we whale watched for at least an hour.

There is a whale there and it was impressive... Seriously.
This windy day called for lots of coffee and hanging out in the room with a good book and a napping baby.

Shopping at a nearby area with a wiped out girl.

Waipei Bay. When we were driving here I wasn't sure if it was worth our time then we saw the view... Totally worth our time! Had we more time we could have hiked down to the beach.

Akaka Falls State Park. To say Claire loved being outdoors would be a major understatement.

Daddy's little botanist is overjoyed at the bamboo and the plants. And then, he was overjoyed at this!

The girls at the falls.

Akaka Falls as a family. She seriously loved being out so much.

Akaka Falls State Park.

Getting fresh bananas and sugar cane. Fresh fruit is so wonderful.


The Kowals said...

Ah! George great post! I was jealous the whole time I read it. It looked like one fun time missy and I am so thankful C did well. As I was reading your post I showed all the pictures to Chris and said we have to take a sweet vaca with Brighton. Seriously, that waterfall! Too cool. I loved seeing you girls today.

Jen said...

Ah, so fun! She looks so sweet with her little smiles. Looks like you had an amazing time!

The Reeds said...

Thanks! We did have such a great time. It was so neat to see it all through her eyes. :)

We loved seeing you guys too A! Hopefully soon they can interact with each other. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE how happy she is outside. Reminds me of how in awe you were staring out a bus window on some roadtrip during college. You were amazed at how different the landscape/plants/etc. were just a few hours outside of Plainview. I remember it well because it impacted me to take more joy in God's vast creations.

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

What great pictures! What a fun family trip to cherish for years to come! She is ONE HAPPY BABY! Thanks for posting! Love the pictures!

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