February 13, 2012

7 Months and Growing

Dear Claire,
Seven months ago today you were a little red and swollen baby who was screaming at the world after a very hard day and night.  Seven months ago today your daddy and I were in complete shock and overjoyed at your presence and we still are today.
Active babies are harder to get pictures of!
Seven Months.
At seven months you love to sit by yourself and I can barely make you lay down and play anymore, and tummy time is not happening at all unless you roll yourself into it.

You love your exersaucer and just started shrugging your shoulders yesterday.
You like to throw your hands in the air and squeal.
You have just started biting while nursing... we are working on stopping this activity as soon as possible.
You are eating sweet potatoes, squash, rice cereal and peas. You seem to like the peas most of all.
You still wake up every 3-4 hours at night, I don't agressively try to wean you from any night feedings until you reach at least 15 pounds (which I think we are near).
You are getting more wispy little hairs.

You giggle and shrug your shoulders when we kiss your back.
You love to stand and "take steps".
You like to blow bubbles and sometimes seem to say "Ma-ma" especially when you are upset.
You go to sleep on your own and roll over as if to say, "Now get out of my room please."
You have two, very sharp bottom teeth.
You love when mamma and daddy sing and dance for you.
You got a little pink ukelele while we were in Hawaii- I can only imagine that some day you will love it very much.
You love all people and other babies but typically melt down pretty quickly when I take you to the nursery.

When people see you they typically comment on how alert and attentive you are and that you are a long lean string green bean.
Now you are looking more like daddy.
Nap time/cousin time.
You look almost as big as your cousin Cooper!


The Kowals said...

Big girl! She looks tall like J :) Love the post George and PS you must show me how you get her month pictures pushed neatly together like that

The Reeds said...

I know- she's growing so quickly! And it's super easy. Next week let's get together.

Alexis said...

I love how well you are keeping up with her monthly pictures! That is so awesome and something I totall regret not doing, but Crewe has more pictures than he wants taken of him.

We still haven't completely night weaned. He is doing so much better at night, but if we wakes up and can't get back to sleep through just rocking, I go ahead and nurse him.

Do you have an age you want to wean? I hope that is not too personal.

The biting stage is definitely no fun and their little teeth are sharp.

Little long for a comment but Claire is just so dang cute and her eyes are beautiful!

The Reeds said...

Thanks Alexis! I was really hoping to make it two years but this biting stage is no fun. I still want to stick with it but we're just now at 7 months and the bites are rough! How about you?

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