January 3, 2012

Tubular Tuesday- A note to dad

It's the first Tuesday of 2012. And as such, it rocked.

Now that I'm home all day sometimes we like to share with J what we did all day.

So here's what we did all day daddy!

First we relaxed and sucked our toes...  Some of us did more of one than the other.

Claire practiced sitting and got her first little head bump... Oops...

Then we met Benz and Heidi and walked in the park.

There were lots of Canadian geese.

 Hi Benz!

Then we met a friend for lunch who, get this, cleaned our house for us! What a blessing! Can you believe it?

We loooved coming home to a clean house (that seems so much more lovely when someone else does it!).

Side note: If you live in the Lubbock area and would like an affordable, friendly, trustworthy and AWESOME house cleaner give me a ring. I have the perfect girl! But hurry before she gets booked up.

Then we went shopping and I got this rare chance to catch a Walmart aisle empty. 
 Back to a serene and clean house again... Thanks Courtney!!

And to top it all off- we got a gift in the mail from Teta Veronika in Prague.. Isn't it beautiful?

A little tummy time (in which we roll over and get stuck on our tummies) and then it's the end of our day.

We love being home together but always have the most fun when daddy is home with us.

p.s. today Claire learned the pure joy and bliss of pulling my hair and glasses.. hard.. and smiling and giggling about it. Thanks baby girl...


Jen said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Hope you're toes are mighty clean. :)

The Reeds said...

Now that's funny Jen. And yes. they are.. and I'm so relaxed!

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