January 14, 2012

Solid-arity: Claire eats her first solids

Today was a really big day in our house. Claire had her first solids (aside from an unfortunate grocery list that found its way into her mouth and beyond).

Claire is finally six months and one day so we cleared away the table cloth  and whipped up some bland rice cereal.
 Eager expectation...
 "Please, can I have some more sir?!"

 Practicing aim...

She was very eager, as we expected. She leaned in, followed the spoon with her eyes (and lips) but then would purse her lips and close them against the spoon.

We finally handed her the spoon and "bullseye"! She started shoveling food in.

Not that she would swallow it exactly, more of a shovel- spit method.
 "What in the world is this stuff???"
But eventually she started figuring out that it tasted pretty good and familiar (we mixed it with my milk).

 "This thing brings good things to me..."
Later in the evening before bedtime she got fussy. The only "toy" that would make her happy?

The spoon!


Jay and Amy said...

I loooove seeing the pictures of you! Precious times!

The Reeds said...

Thanks Amy! You're too sweet. :)

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