January 13, 2012

Six Months Growth

Dear Claire,
On this day we are celebrating that you are six months old. It's hard to believe you have only been with us for half a year. It seems like we've known you forever and our lives are so completely changed now. On the other hand, it feels like just the other day when we were bursting with joy that we were pregnant.

It was one year ago from this weekend that I ended up in surgery unexpectedly, unsure if we would ever reach this day. And six months from now we will be celebrating your first birthday.

You are sitting up (still assisted) and reaching for  everything. You want to put everything you reach for in your mouth also... books... credit cards... all of it.

You are finally falling asleep on your own (unswaddled). You prefer to sleep on your side and you wake up and generally play and coo for quite awhile. You don't technically sleep through the night but I'm not bothered. This is why I am glad I get to stay home with you.

We are still exclusively nursing and thinking about solids... It's a big step though!

Needless to say you are very playful and very happy. You like to squeal by sucking in air. You do it a lot to show that you are happy.

You are a wonderful blessing to us.

 Photo shoots are getting harder...
 Photo from Amanda from our outting last week.
Then you wouldn't smile...

Four months,  Five months,   Six months


Laura said...

I think she might be the cutest baby I have never seen! She just sparkles!

The Reeds said...

Laura that's so sweet! Thank you!!

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