January 30, 2012

Picture Post: J& B's Wedding Shower

This was a very special weekend. Jacob's sister is getting married and it was such a joy to be able to take part in showering her and her fiancee with love.

It was also such a joy to be able to see Claire learn the world and people around her better.

Beautiful people in a beautiful home full of beautiful love and gifts...

 Paula's home is decorated in such a way that I want to move in.. tomorrow...

Call me Paula, my bags are packed!

 Ladies love to chat. It's just what we do.
 And there are no friends like old friends.
 Three generations of sweetness!

 I wanted to steal this blanket but it just didn't seem right.
 The hostesses.
 The very happy couple.
 Someone broke into the punch!
 And Uncle John's heart!
And great Aunt Linda's as well!

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