January 4, 2012

The Neverending Story

Today I want to tell you a neverending story.. and it looks like this:

It won't be a long story since you all have your own similar stories going on right now I presume.


Minus a big albino flying dog it really IS the neverending story. Etra-uuuuu!!!!

I enjoyed sharing a typical day at home for Claire and I ... me and Claire... er.... (I don't teach anymore so leave me alone) yesterday with Jacob so I thought I would do it again. I'm sure he wonders what we do all day while he's at work. And if he doesn't- well he should... (kidding.. totally kidding...)

Our day started out with the mistress guarding her domain. It's like zone defense here. I took this picture because she's so sweet in the mornings and because this is officially the last time she will fit into her kitty kat jammies.

That makes me sad.

She on the other hand couldn't have cared less.. which would normally be phrased: "could have cared less", in which case she would have cared a lot... but my grammar days are behind me! Get thee behind me grammar!

See.. I need to get out more...  a whole lot more. Otherwise I just go around taking random pictures like this:

Today we fought the crazies off by going out and having lunch with friends...
I think she likes him!
These guys are six weeks apart. Can you believe it?

I'm in love with this crock pot. Seriously. I wanted to take it on a date last night so it could finally unplug & cool down but it just wouldn't open up. (har har har)
 Self portrait in steaming dishes... So deep and interesting.
Followed by my piece of art entitled: kissing little hippiggies. Even deeper.

As you can see we were unsuccessful in fighting off the crazies...

 May my intellect never cease to amaze you.

The end.

p.s. a lot of these were alternates for my 365 project (which is why I'm taking more pictures. It's so hard to choose one each day! Do you think I chose the right picture for day 6??)

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