January 9, 2012

Miscellany Monday...

... As if every day isn't random enough for you.. Here you go!

1. "You've Got Mail" came out in 1996. I watch it... a lot.. when I sew or nurse etc. I noticed the other day that there is not ONE cell phone in the entire film. Flashback to high school friends. We're dinosoars.


2. I took this picture and liked it for the 365 project but J pointed out that our baby looks like she was abandoned in a parking lot.

Point taken.
3. I like paperclips and office supplies (enough to photograph them in the store)... But I am not organized... Hmmmm.....

Ponder that one would you?

4.  I collect cook books... I hoard cook books. But they're organized so... that counts for something right?

5. Today I went into an office building and saw this....

A one-eyed stuffed bob cat... in the lobby. Because class IS a stuffed dusty wild animal with one marble for an eye.

6. This carved tree is next to my friend's house. I think it's cool. I mean.. if you've got to have a stump go stumpy in style.

7. I like reading the Bible. Every year, but some years I fail.
8.  I try to drink three of these a day.
9.  I am trying to exercise for 60 minutes every day for 30 days.
10. I love my baby... but you probably know that by now!

Bonus:  If you eat asparagus it will make your urine sparkle.. Just letting you know.

Now if that isn't random I don't know WHAT is!

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