January 2, 2012

Miscellany Monday

It has been a marvelous Monday over here in our neck of the woods.

1. Our tree is still up. We wholeheartedly agreed we would take it down tomorrow.. three days ago.
2. Claire has one of those little bald spots on the back of her head that is like crack. You just have to kiss it. Have to. It's a the Law around these parts.

 3. We are on day two of our media fast. We sat down last night and added to our "line of defense" lists for when we're tempted. Mine grew to almost 200. And I keep thinking of other things to put on there... like edit photos....or adding to the list...
4. We are ringing in the new year by eating black eyed peas.. every day... for every meal. I made that big of a pot.
5. I went for a walk today with a friend (hi friend). Why do I not walk more often? Why? Why oh why?
6. No matter how badly Claire is fussing, if I hold her up and sniff her diaper and say, "Shew!" She smiles. Every. Time.
7. Claire can now flip her paci over any different way to get it in her mouth.
8. She is officially sitting up. Wobbly at times. But she's a sitter!
9. Reading the genealogy of Jesus you notice Rahab the prostitute. Think God is telling us something about grace?
10. And I'm still going strong with  my project 365! Two days in and I'm actually proud I've lasted that long. It's easy when there's an adorable model who always works for free.

Enough miscellany for today!

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