January 23, 2012

Miniclip Monday

Dear dad,
Today we went for a walk... but the "hissing" of the jogging stroller tire told us we wouldn't go far. Not to be thwarted, we went to stroller numero dos. Then we went outside and noticed that the winds last night blew down our little frog and almost blew off our vent. We were off to a great start for the day.

Our little mobile baby rolled on the floor- over and over in one direction til she got wedged against the couch.

Then she slept so well during nap (praise Jesus!) time while I read and prepared for a possible future with parenting... I know without a doubt that I was a very strong willed child..  Our day started looking up.
The New Strong-willed Child by James Dobson

Sorry mom.

Today on our walk I was compelled to take pictures of so many things! I am only 25 days into the 365 project but already I feel that I have learned a lot about myself and my style, not to mention about simply taking better pictures.

One thing is that I am learning to carry my camera with me more often, even when I feel strange about it.

So I'm taking  more pictures, more often, of random things... And liking it.
Afternoon light.

Proud to be a...

Brave little plant in winter...

Also, I am seeing more pictures than I did before. Today I noticed how many mailboxes we have in our neighborhood... I mean...  a lot. I envisioned an entire theme of "Around Our Neighborhood" or "Mailboxes".
Happy farmer mailbox.
There are really some interesting ones out there.
Parade of the Mailboxes.
Then our friends came over to help us out of a little pickle... Hi baby Bright!

Mr. GQ- Baby Bright.
In the end, we spent some time with passionate people praying about missions.. What better way to end a day?!


Jen said...

That would be a fun series! To see all the fun mailboxes!

The Reeds said...

I think so too! Especially for if/when we are back overseas...it's very "America". Except today I weirded out a neighbor while taking pics of her curb...

Jacob Reed said...

Thanks for the update, Love! I miss you both!

The Reeds said...

We miss you too!

Alexis said...

Such a sweet post and even sweeter comment from your hubby!

Love the comments you leave on my posts. They definitely speak to me.

I have not heard about this 365 picture challenge, but it definitely sounds interesting.

The Reeds said...

Thanks Alexis! Yep.. my hubby is a sweetie pie! If you do 365 I'll be watching all the way!

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