January 7, 2012

Love Stinks... But not my diapers!

Today we got up early and went to the store as a family.

Then Benz came over. Check out his cute shirt! It says, "Love Stinks". I love that Claire was obsessed with him and he was not impressed. Here he is saying, "Talk to the hand."

 "Someone save me..."
 "Get away from me girl!"
 .."But Benz.. I think we could reallly hit it off."
 "Claire, don't you know? Love stinks! But your daddy is pretty cool!"

Later Claire worked on her arm strength while we aired out her little bottom.

She has a rash... It's one of her first.

 Speaking of rash- I contacted the company where I get our detergent for cloth diapers and told them about the rash... I had just ordered a new scent and they said it had been recalled. And even though I had bought mine through Amazon (hence the purchase of a recalled item)- they sent me a NEW bag and it arrived today. Awesome!

I love Rock in Green. They're located in Austin, Texas so it makes me feel good to help out the "local" economy. And awesome customer service!

If you cloth diaper- how do you wash your nappies?

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