January 17, 2012

Google Reader Revisited And Blog Scroll

Today I was talking with a friend about google reader (hi friend!) and I thought I would share with you about why I love it so much.

I love reading magazines. Magazines about education, running, crafts, home and gardening- you name it and I love it.

But magazines can be expensive. And they use up a lot of paper and ultimately space.

So for me, blogs are a constantly updating source of "magazine" like info. And they can be a place for encouragement and inspiration.

Google reader is a place where you can "store" all of your subscriptions. I posted about it a long time ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  This reader will tell you when your friend's blog, or a web site updates. No more typing in websites and checking on friend's blogs regularly to see if they've uploaded. Google reader has you covered!

Here's how it works:
1. go to www.google.com/reader and set up an account. I set up a gmail account just for this purpose that  all of my blog related e-mails goes to.

2. type in any blog addresses you like to follow under the subscription button.

Click the red button...

 Type in the address...

And you're subscribed!

(The above address is not real. So if you want to start a blog by the title of: Tootyfruityfreshandmoody then hop on it before that coveted spot is taken! I kid I kid....)

if the blog/website you are trying to subscribe to has an RSS feed button just click on it to automatically download its entire feed or to become a "follower" (which adds it to your reader as well).

Find the RSS button....

Click on it...

And choose the appropriate reader you use (google in this instance)
Have you ever wondered what RSS means? I did! Here's what it means so you can wow all of your friends and neighbors with your knowledge:

3. once the entire "feed" shows up you can just click "mark all as read" to start fresh

4. manage your subscriptions. Ultimately you can create folders and put blogs of similar interests into categories.

Some of my folders are: missions, friends, running etc.
 Updated blogs you haven't read will be in bold...
When you click on them their new post will show up in the google window or you can simply go to their webpage.

Gone are the days of visiting blogs that have yet to update.. again.

- Do I always have to read each post?
Of course not. Like a magazine, pick and choose. Some inspirational websites really point me to Jesus- but some days/weeks I simply don't have the time. This isn't meant to be a burden. Just click "mark all as read" and move on.

-How do you keep up with your reader?
Personally I have to have something right under my nose to keep up with it (hence this mustache... pa-da-ching!). So I bookmark my reader and put it somewhere handy (like my toolbar) so I see it each time I'm online.

-Help! My reader is too full.
Like any old closet or your purse, your reader will occasionally need to be cleaned. Prioritize and purge. Keep what lifts you up and what you feel connected to and get rid of the rest.

So... is that as clear as mud? More lost then ever? Let me know if this was helpful!

Here are some blogs I love and that you may love too:

A Holy Experience:

This is a blog by writer Ann Voskamp (writer of One Thousand Gifts). This blog always lifts me up, challenges me, and points me to Christ. And she is a great writer who takes gorgeous photographs all for the purpose of glorifying God.

Thanks Ann!

Lower Case Letters:

This is a new blog I've found lately and the blog I won the awesome bracelet through!
Carissa writes about running, faith and being a mom. And she takes beautiful pictures along the way.
Thanks Carissa!

Me Ra Koh:

Me Ra is a photographer based in the north west U.S. She has amazing talent and wants all women to be able to capture their families in a gorgeous way. She has started appearing on the Nate Berkus show in the past year too! Way to go Me Ra!

You may remember that I bought her book Your Baby In Pictures on taking pictures of your baby in the first year of life.. And I love it!

KoJo Designs:
My talented friend and her amazingly talented sister run this blog... It reminds me that I should be more productive!

Kirstin and Jordan- you guys SERIOUSLY rock!

Lil Blue Boo:

This is a new blog I found. It's all about being creative, but I found it at the same time its creator, Ashley, found out she has cancer.
She's a beautiful, faithful young mother who is battling bravely and reminding me every day to CHOOSE JOY.

Ashley, you really are an inspiration.

Here are just some blogs that do bring me joy. Remember, comparison is the thief of joy. Find what challenges you and lifts you up. Not what tears you down.

Peace and love,


Brandon and April said...

you are a regular read in my google reader! :) i think i started google reader because of your dinosaur-aged google reader post!

The Reeds said...

Oh April-That's so much fun! And you are a regular in my google reader too. Actually, you are why I started blogging! Before we went to Africa we visited your parents and got your card. And would you believe that I couldn't figure out blogs and kept visiting the same post... I couldn't figure out what the problem was (I kept typing in the same link to one post). One day it finally clicked and I realized I had been missing weeks of posts... A-ha!

The Kowals said...

Thanks Joja! Google reader here I come and I'm glad you listed the blogs you did -- some of them I have visited but others I haven't. P.S. it is about 21 wind chill outside...yikes! If you're feeling brave to walk call me

Anonymous said...

Your long ago post is what got me started on google reader, too! I think you also led me to Ann's blog, which I love. And I just stumbled upon Lil Blue Boo this week when someone posted her video documenting her shaving her head. I have been reading her cancer chronicles. I love blogs. : ). But I don't have my own, and I rarely comment. What does this say about me?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your information!

The Reeds said...

Kathy, Isn't it amazing that you just found lil Blue boo also? She is so inspirational. And I think it says it's time for you to start your own blog! I would read it! ;)

And Amanda I just read this or I would have braved the cold weather!! Tomorrow? I'd love to go! We ALWAYS love spending time with you guys!

kirstin & tricia said...

Hey love- thanks for the shout out.

I share your love for google reader- however, I've heard that they're disabling their function for all non-blogspot blogs in March )http://stuckathomemom.com/blog/google-friend-connect-restricted-to-blogger-users-only-post-your-fb-twitter-and-g-links). That means that blogs like ours (and Lil Blue Boo, incidentally) won't show up in there anymore. I HATE it that I won't have all of my favorites in one place anymore. UGH.

Again, thanks for the shout out! :)

The Reeds said...

Oh no! I hadn't heard that. Boo! I wonder when that will take place.. ?

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