January 21, 2012

Fruits of the Journey

Don't you just love those moments where you find yourself alone with God?

In an instant it is just you and Him and the world slips away. He reveals more of His goodness, love and mercy to you and reveals the tiny and ugly parts of your heart that you are finally able to deal with. 

At least that is how it is for me.
Becoming a stay at home mom has been a journey. And on this journey one of the greatest fruits I've been blessed to pluck has been sweet moments alone with the Lord.

Unapologetic for quiet hours sitting over a cup of coffee and the Word.  It's a blessing. A great and wonderful blessing.

And in this season God has whispered to my heart and guided me and grown me.

It's hard when you're in the storm of work and worry to find such an oasis. When vacations are just as harried as a work day... It's difficult to quiet your soul enough to seek Him.

But seek Him we must. And He is faithful and good to meet us there.

Praise God.

             Praise God.

                            Praise God.

I'm glad He always meets me there- in my seeking, longing and crying.

I am seeking for more sweet surrenders. The kind that hurt and require tears to be made clean. But the kind that bring about change and a heart that takes on a different shape and a mind that begins to feel renewed.

Until then I revisit past realizations and I rest.

Sweet Surrender #1
Sweet Surrender #2
Sweet Surrender #3



Mike and Emily said...

Hey friend,
So fun to get comments from you! I am a blog stalker and should comment more. =) I change my top photo by:
Add a gadget or widget or whatever-its-called as a 'header' to the blog. Then you can name a title and description and add a picture below it. I just change that picture whenever I want to. Let me know if that doesn't work.

The Reeds said...

Thanks Emily! I'm pretty sure your plate is full. I've taken a few classes and combined with work didn't have time to see straight.. add TWO kids into the mix and I know I wouldn't have time to brush my own teeth! I will maybe try that. It sounds a little over my head!

Alexis said...

Beautiful post, so glad I was able to catch up on all your happenings.

Spending time in God's word has always been a weak point in my spiritual walk, but John and I have committed to working our way through the New Testament this year and so far I am really enjoying it and can tell I am being fed by spending this daily time with God.

I look forward to more of your post like this.

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