January 6, 2012

365 Rejects & Babies Galore

Today was quite the day!

Claire and I got up bright and early at 6:30 completely not by choice of our own free will.

We went for a walk of our own. It's amazing how everything seems different in a different light isn't it? As I'm trying to take more pictures I actually went out with my camera hanging around my neck. Which wouldn't have been so awkward except I was trying to jog too... that was awkward.

These were all rejects for the 365 project.

Oddly- this meter is one of my favorites... am I a freak? Don't answer that.

 I got a picture of the Dairy Queen just to document what got me into the mess I'm in. I really kept those guys in business for a few months... Thanks for nothing Dairy Queen!

Then we went for a walk and to play with our cameras with some friends. I found this cool little park with swings, rocking chairs, great paths, a fire pit and even free wi-fi. And quotes to inspire you as you walked... including "Call your mother!" Which I did.
Thanks Albert. Wise words man... Wise words.
And now who can resist a cute baby in a hat with ears?? I know I can't! And ironically I have a baby with no hat with ears! Must shop. Tomorrow.
You can't see his ears.. but they're there.
And baby D has the most adorable flower so she's off the "ear" hook.

All the little babies were so cute!

Oh the cuteness!
 Girls verses boys. The boys already have an advantage in that they both have on cute "ear" hats/hoods...
But the girls have their charm. 
But with these mommies as referees they're likely to all be winners.

Of all the picture we took the very first one just for fun is the one I chose for my eighth 365 pic. I love it!

We then went on to have lunch with friends but we had missed a nap so there are no pictures from that part of our day.

p.s. I've started resizing my pics so they're much smaller and therefore likely not as good quality. Does it make a big difference? If not I'm going to continue on as I am.


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh the cuteness is right! Adorable little ones! I am glad we don't live too close to a Dairy Queen... could be trouble! lol Love all the photos!

Ronnie said...

Love the cuteness and the randomness!!! Photos were still great!!!

The Reeds said...

Thanks guys! These kids were too much to handle with their cuteness. And Jennifer- you have NO idea how dangerous a close DQ can be.... :/

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