December 12, 2011

Poirot and Rico

Life is funny isn't it?

Or maybe I should say babies are funny. Not just that they toot and giggle (though that's funny), but rather how funny life is with them.

My baby won't sleep and it drives me crazy... Then she takes a long nap and I'm beside myself after an hour and fifteen minutes wondering if I should wake her up.

She's awake and needing attention and I think of a million things I could get done if she were asleep or preoccupied.

Then she's asleep or preoccupied and the only thing I want to do it have her coo at me and hold her.

See? Just plain funny.

We made an attempt at a plaster mold for a second time and I waited until Claire was solidly asleep, got all of my supplies ready and crept into her room with Jacob in tow. I picked up her hand and tried to hold it in the plaster. She woke up and raked her hands everywhere. It's now a plaster of a drunk octopus and I guess it's a keeper.

Jacob pointed out that at least it will make a good story some day. Not today obviously.

Lately we've been going to lots of Christmas parties and birthday parties which are quite the different beast when you're not eating dairy. I really feel for all of my friend's with life long eating restrictions. It's tough! However, it makes shopping go MUCH faster and ordering in a restaurant is much less stressful. There are typically two or three options if even. Voila. Decision made.

We went to an adorable first birthday party bash (mustache bash!) for two little boys who turned one!

Our little Claire looked just like Hercule Poirot who is, as you should know if you care a lick about me, is my all time favorite literary character. Oh you didn't know that? I'll be expecting a present in the mail to make up for it. Thank you very much.
The one, the only, the fastidious- Hercule Poirot...

"Oui oui mademoiselle! I have solved zee case!"

Oh're such a Belgian ham.
And our friends have the cutest little girl with tiny precious featues and a head full of hair. And with her stache she looked a bit like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite don't you think?
 The one, the only, the self centered and delusional... Uncle Rico!
No? Maybe it's a stretch... but it's still cute!
I look a bit like Pink Panther... Oui oui I see zee connection!

Babies are too much fun!


Christi said...

Mustache bash? I love that! Claire even looks cute with a 'stache!

The Reeds said...

Aw thanks Christi! It was an adorable party idea.It's one of the many benefits of having friends WAY more creative and resourceful than myself! :)

The Miersma Family! said...

love the mustache bash idea! and i think you did a fine job matching celebrities with the baby staches! :) so cute!

The Reeds said...

Thanks! I think they are sooo adorable! It was a great idea! Heidi and Amanda can plan a party for me any day!

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